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Welcome to Corvettes de Olympia. We hope you will find the club to be a great opportunity to meet other Corvette owners, their families, take part in the many events and activities we do, and experience the fun of Corvette ownership.

 CdeO was originally founded in 1972. The purpose of the club is to:

· Develop friendship and pride among Corvette owners and drivers

· Encourage skillful, safe, and sportsmanlike driving habits on the highways

· Improve relations between the community and Corvette people

· Actively promote, sponsor, organize, and supervise sports car competition, outings, meetings, and other

· Corvette or sports car activities

The club normally meets at 6:00p.m. on the second Wednesday of every month (except in December). On occasion, the meeting place may change. Please check the monthly newsletter or the CdeO Web Site for meeting announcements. At the meetings, club business is conducted, various committees report on their activities, past events are covered briefly and upcoming events are announced and participation sign-up sheets are passed around. At the end of the meeting, the club treasurer sells raffle tickets for prize drawings. One or more door prizes are given away as well as a separate drawing for one half of the ticket sale proceeds.  The catch with the cash drawing is that the winner of the cash must bring a door prize (a value of $15.00 or more and sort of automotive-related) to the following meeting


Throughout the year, CdeO members have opportunities to take part in a wide variety of activities related to Corvettes, or sometimes just to get together for socializing and having fun. Activities include tours, attending and entering car shows, parades, hosting events such as rallies and social gatherings like our annual club picnic and the December Holiday Dinner.


Every year, in April, the club hosts the All-City Rally, a gimmick-type rally open to the general public. At the succession of each years rally a Club member or Club members volunteer to be the “Rallymasters” for the next years event.  The “Rallymaster(s)” will design and perfect the route for the next years event.  This rally provides the source of funding for CdeO’s Corvettes de Olympia Automotive Technology Scholarship at South Puget Sound Community College.  Each year CdeO provides $1,500.00 to the college and SPSCC in turns matches our donation to provide a total of $3,000.00 in scholarships to students pursuing an education and career in the automotive field.


Becoming a club member is easy. You need to attend two meetings and two club events within a 9-month period. Further requirements are explained in the club By-Laws.


We hope you find taking part in our club to be an enjoyable experience. If you have any questions about the club or the activities just ask a member. Please take some time to read the balance of this document. You will find some interesting information on the club, and what the club does.


 Thank you to our Gold sponsor . . .

Corvettes de Olympia is a Proud Member


of the

Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs 
and the

 National Corvette Museum



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