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Corvettes de Olympia is a nonprofit organization. The club has a membership with elected officers and appointed committees, which are directed by the Club Constitution and By-Laws. Within this structure there is a democratic process that makes everything work for the benefit of the membership.

The officers are elected by the membership and serve the club by handling club business. The E-Board is made up of current club officers and last year's club president. Committees consist of volunteers and serve the club by planning, designing, and scheduling specific projects. The roles of officers, E-Board, and some committees are defined in the Club Constitution. Additional committees can be formed for special projects such as designing the club patch or the All City Rally. Committees can be formed for any project at any time by any member.

Club business is handled through a process of meetings: regular business, E-Board, and committee. This process allows discussion or debate on specific or sensitive issues at the E-Board or committee level before it is brought to the club membership at the regular business meeting. Summaries of E- Board and committee discussions and recommendations are communicated to the membership at the regular business meeting. By making brief presentations, all committees present results thus allowing time for socializing at the regular business meeting.

Any club member wishing to raise exceptions or issues on club business has several avenues of expression. Issues can be discussed with the club officer overseeing the committee, the committee chairperson, the committee, or the E Board. Meetings on club business cannot be closed to club members: committees cannot be closed to willing volunteers.

Using any one of these avenues promotes active discussion and removes possible arguments before the regular business meetings. In the same vein the committee member who makes decisions without committee participation could be subject to challenge. If the committee functions properly, there is no need for a membership vote every time the committee makes a decision.

This democratic process works. If in doubt, read the Club Constitution. Or better yet, attend a committee or E- Board meeting. Try it, you'll like it. DO IT!


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