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The Northwest Association of Corvette Clubs (abbreviated NWACC, pronounced "en-wack"). NWACC is a regional group of Corvette clubs in Washington and Oregon. Corvette enthusiasts who wanted a local governing body, rather than the California-based Western States Corvette Council (WSCC) or east coast National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) founded NWACC in 1971.

Corvette clubs, not individuals, belong to NWACC. Each club pays an  annual membership fee, bases on their individual club membership rosters. For this, each club gets liability insurance for club events, plus a sanctioned annual competition for year-end awards in several types of events. NWACC sanctions various competition weekends during the year, each sponsored by a member club and some sponsored by NWACC itself. These event weekends offer the Corvette enthusiast ample opportunities to take part in weekend get-a-ways in neighboring cities and states. The events are designed for getting to know members from other clubs, having fun in your Corvette, and socializing.

The typical NWACC weekend can have a Concours d' Elegance and Show-n-Shine followed by a party/banquet Saturday night, then an autocross on Sunday. There may be other events as well: some we have seen include scenic tours, gymkhanas, even a Friday night pre-registration happy hour. Some weekends will include an NWACC business meeting. Every club appoints an NWACC representative and an alternate whose job is to cast their club's vote on various NWACC issues. NWACC has a very specific rule book (reviewed annually), and the usual selection of officers, all volunteers from member clubs and voted in at a business meeting.

Types of NWACC Events:

· Autocross - (or auto-slalom) is a one-car-at-a-time sprint through a twisting course laid out with dozens of traffic cones on a big parking lot, runway, or suitable flat area. Quickest driver (with least number of penalties) wins, and there are a variety of classes to even up the competition. This is a great way to experience the performance capabilities of your Corvette without risking a ticket and doesn’t hurt the car!

· Concours d’ Elegance - (French for a "gathering of beauty") is a strictly judged car show where officials rank whose car is the cleanest and prettiest. To view the judging form click here.

· Show-n-Shine - is a low-pressure car show where the judges are not looking for dust on your drive shaft. To view the judging form click here.

· Gymkhana - (pronounced "jim-cahn'-uh," sometimes called fun-khana) is a low speed-maneuvering contest that may include tight turns, parking, backing up, etc. It is patterned after horse events performed by the Bengal Lancers.

Come the end of Corvette Summer, NWACC schedules a big awards banquet hosted by one of the clubs. The people who did the best in class through the year at Autocross, Rally, Concours, and Show-n-Shine are presented appropriate awards, and everyone goes back to rebuilding their Corvette for next season. Watch your club newsletter for announcements of coming NWACC events and join in the fun.


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